Why It’s Advisable To Use Illustrations For Your Designs

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Whenever you are planning to include photography or illustration in your design, it’s always advisable to make choices after considering different factors like resources, time or cost involved in it. And then decide regarding type of messages which gets communicated in different styles like literal, realistic, conceptual or abstract as per requirements.

Subject can reflect beyond boundaries-It very essential to choose type of illustration as there are no limits or boundaries connected to it. The essence of illustration is they can depict anything related to the type of the world one wants to create for their audiences like realistic, futuristic or weird with a pinch of realism added into it.

Info graphics depicts data’s to visualise-With the advancement of info graphics through visual and social platforms like pinterest and Instagram, any complex information can be converted attention grabbing and engaging visuals which can be easily digested with a touch of creativity. For e.g. Like providing bright perspective on global practice, clarifying complex process or anything related to statistics of annual policy etc can be described using illustration.

Even anything abstract can be depicted-Many times anything weird or abstract which can never be explained in visuals are easily described through illustrations. Illustrations are considered as best choice when it’s about explaining any peculiar topics or themes.

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