Posted on : Nov 16, 2020

In the field of the AEC industry, 3D BIM modeling is gaining a lot of importance for building modern construction projects. Because of this latest technology, building projects are digitally represented with high precision and detailing within the designing environment. Autodesk’s Revit is considered the most valuable and powerful tool for maximizing productivity and streamlines design documentation procedures. It consists of productivity tools and unique elements related to MEP modeling and supports documentation and the overall installation process. At C-DESIGN, we maintain all basics of the BIM model for different projects and consumers like designers, home builders, retailers, architects, and contractors.

Below mentioned are some crucial points which explain about main advantages of outsourcing BIM MEP modeling services:-

1) It helps in estimating accurate quantities of different purposes.

2) Because of more than a decade of experience in BIM MEP drafting services, we create excellent projects in different sectors like retails, hospitals, education, healthcare, and aviation or commercial fields

3) Outsourcing MEP BIM modeling creates a smooth rendering process using the latest rendering softwares and tools

4) Revit MEP drafting services helps in the visualisation process, enhances building design, and its performance along with smooth communication across the boards.

5)Outsourcing MEP drafting services help organisations in meeting deadlines and delivers faster turnaround times, increases reduction in overall expenditure, higher flexibility, and access to the best resources are some essential benefits of outsourcing these services.

At C-Design, we have a dedicated team of CAD drawing experts and draftsmen who use familiar measurement units, symbols, notation systems, strictly adhere to international standards and recommend output in proper formats and layouts as per client’s requirements. We simply need inputs in form of architectural plans, PDF images, electronic images, scanning images, JPEG files, hand-drawn sketches from our clients so as to provide the most efficient and effective MEP drafting and designing services at competitive rates. With a team of more than 200 dedicated professionals and rich experience of 15 years, we are capable of serving more than 300 successful MEP drawing projects across the global countries. Contact us and get your quote at competitive rates.