Posted on : Jun 22, 2020

The growth of the nation is directly connected with the present education system and that’s why schools are playing a most important role in transforming children into responsible citizens for tomorrow. That’s why reputed 3D CAD service providers like C-DESIGN are taking effective care while designing these educational buildings so as to create cost-effective projects which are not only pleasing but also accessible thought out the community.

Below mentioned are certain crucial designing parameters for the effective functioning of schools

1) Health parameter-It becomes quite essential for designers to ensure that the health of the staff and students does not get affected. Therefore below-mentioned factors should be considered like

A) Indoor Air quality should be monitored continuously for better health

B) Proper Lighting in work areas and classroom

C) Adequate ventilation for staff and students

D) Its becomes conducive for 3D CAD designers to provide an effective, viable, efficient and functional learning experience for students while designing a primary school building

2) Purpose-3D CAD design service providers can make primary school more effective by fulfilling its all essential requirements as mentioned below:

A) A classroom should be changed as per group size and activities so as to make it more meaningful and interesting for children

B) The efficiency of larger spaces like the auditorium can be increased with partition walls /light shaded wall colors.

3) Sense of community and individuality-The sense of community can be developed through common areas and cluster classrooms. Also, sense of individuality can be increased by visually connecting different spaces with patterns and colors