Posted on : Jul 10, 2019

We are living in the 21st century where technology is upgrading and improving day by day. And thus among such technologies, virtual reality is the one of such emerging field which is creating a major impact on learning and working areas of the industries. Thus these technologies with the help of software create an artificial environment which looks natural to end users. In virtual reality, the artificial computer-generated environment gets created which is experienced through our senses, sight, and sounds. Here users are placed in an artificial environment where they can interact with the 3d world and simulated situations can be generated in the real yet imaginary world. Following are major industries which are getting positively influenced as mentioned below:

1)            Retail sector:-Virtual reality is impacting retail sector to a larger extent because through this technology, consumer behaviour can be easily judged and thus it helps in giving consumer insights. Apart from this, retailers can easily showcase their inventory to their consumers in the most effective manner and it can prove to be a highly satisfactory experience for them as they can access their products more deeply.

2)            Tourist industry-With the help of VR technology, tourist can easily make a trip to their destination before reaching that actual place anywhere across the world. This gives tourist ease about their destinations and can easily make judgements about whether to visit that place or not.

3)            Hospitality: – Another related sector which is leveraging because of this technology is the hospitality industry. In this sector, customers can be introduced about different services and facilities well before they book their rooms in hotels, restaurants or resorts. Different services like pool area, hotel rooms, hotel areas or any such related services can be easily explored well before their hotel room’s reservation. For e.g.: Thomas cook which is the major pioneer in the tours and travel industry is in collaboration with Samsung Gear VR where they deliver in house store virtual reality to their potential consumers and getting better conversion rate in bookings.

4)            Automotive industry-One of the best use of this technology is for safety and design in the automotive industry. Engineers can make the best use of it by examining future vehicle just like the simulated model. Thus important aspects like safety trails can be easily carried out without getting concerned about accidents and thus trails can be done on simulated models. Not only manufacturing but also sales are getting real benefits of this technology as customers can easily view different attributes and even go for test driving virtually.

5)            Aerospace Industry-another sector which is directly getting an advantage of this technology is the aerospace industry. Through it, designers and engineers can perform their tasks like testing and visualisation which helps in creating product faster and easier. Others like service providers, pilots, and quality check controllers, ground controllers can very well work on them before working on actual model.

Virtual Reality VR created new possibilities for making and improving customer experiences and it’s helping designers to create the skillful services for the future. At C-Design our experts help in designing Virtual Reality Models at a faster pace which is at the competitive edge as compared to leading brands in the world. With more than a decade of experience, our proficient team is well equipped to undertake any complex Immersive multimedia project on behalf of our esteemed client. Virtual reality is a digital technology replicating a real or simulated environment chiefly for the principle of user communication and engagement.