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Posted on : Mar 28, 2019

We make hi-resolution vector artwork starting low motion jpgs, bitmaps and extra raster art files. Vector art is too identified as camera set art.
We have an able and devoted team of Adobe Illustrator professionals who are expert in convert your bitmap sleeve into camera set.
Bitmap imagery is made up of pixels, and cannot be scale up efficiently. Most bitmap file format is jpg, tiff or gif. These file format are not suitable for quality print jobs. We can exchange any logo or explicit to vector design. If you have an old logo or explicit we can help. All we require from you is a scrutinise or copy of the figure to be clean up into vector art format. Formerly the vector conversion is done; your files are ready to be bent on promotional products. We adapt raster images, jpegs, pdfs, bitmaps, photos along with text files to vector art files.
We too whole rush jobs at the identical price with no negotiation on effectiveness and class.
Vector exchange is done by hand (mouse) and not during a mechanical process. This ensures that your logo is at the peak value. The ultimate files are sending back to you as .cdr, .eps, .ai and .pdf formats. The CDR or EPS sleeve is what you send to your retailer for imitation.


How often has your client offer you with artwork that is not fit used for making? The fact is, mainly suppliers want VECTOR ARTWORK which is at least 300 DPI or upper to go in into production. We resolve convert your low resolution art into a camera set file inside a few hours. Do you want a beautiful virtual index to present to a significant client? We will make this for you on the identical day you send above the artwork.
We offer Vector artwork, Pop artworks, Logo/Icon Designing, Info graphics, Typography, Floor Plans.etc…
Outsource 2d artworks provides profit suppliers, distributors, and end users inside the promotional harvest business and also others such as convention clothing, award and trophies, screen printing, advertising, graphic, stitching and vinyl industry.
Outsource 2d artworks is an included creative method outsourcing company that is entirely devoted to Graphic Art, Advertising, Digital and Publishing services. We help clients in USA, European, Middle East Countries.

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