USDZ – Paved A New Way For AR – Creative Design Services

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In WWDC Conference, Apple announced in collaboration with Animation Company named Pixel about their new initiative in the field of AR for sharing larger storage size file format called as USDZ. This single and complex open file format helps in storing larger size AR content without losing their 3d graphics and animation work.

USDZ which is coined as Universal Scene Description Optimized is based on pixel’s Universal scene description technology helps in sharing various bits of information desirable for AR experiences. This makes it quite easy to share animated images and illusory objects along with placing them in your real surroundings in your AR enabled Ipads and I phones. This zip archive and container file format is useful for sharing, storing and operating on 3d files for the mobile device.

In Apple’s operating system IOS 12, one can easily experience augmented reality via Safari Mail, Messages, News, and files and also through the different app. It helps in delivering the same kind of animated graphics like surfing about any information and in between get an embedded AR experience then once if you tap, immediately it will start interacting with the image.

USDZ allows easy transmission of AR content but more importantly, it creates permanency of AR data which makes it one of most essential tools of the latest technology world. As compared to current AR experience which does not provide a lasting impression on the mind of users, USDZ hits the list by providing an enriching feel to them. Through this type of open file format, AR data can not only be moved but also makes their users turn to on daily basis. In WWDC presentation, a live example was shown by Craig Federighi, Senior Vice president of software engineering where he downloaded 3d model of the customised guitar using USDZ format. Then using augmented reality AR Kit 2, he placed customised guitar at proper scale on a table.

One of the major benefits of USDZ- is about its ability to share, store or customised required data in a single open file format which can also be streamable and then can be seen with augmented reality effects. All data can be shared without unzipping its file contents which turns out to be a major advantage for tablet and Smartphone users.Arkit2 bring down other benefits also like 3d object detection, face tracking, continuous object placement in the digital version of the real world.