Understanding Color Psychology

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

While buying any product, consumers always focuses on its visual appearances especially on colour part as different colour impacts individuals differently. Thus it affects products overall branding and marketing.countless studies have shown that particular colour have their own effects on consumer with some colour stimulating areas of brain in which it will promote excitement.When it comes to picking the “right” colour, research has found that predicting consumer reaction to colour appropriateness in relation to the product is far more important than the individual colour itself.

RED: – Enhances urgency, increases heart rate, often seen in clearance sales, related with excitement and passion, enhance sappetite and is mostly used by food chains for an impulse purchase decisions.

BLUE:-Related with water, peace and reliability, provides sense of security and promotes trust in brand, often seen with banks and businesses

GREEN: – Related to wealth and rich people,used in stores to relax customers,increases harmony in the brain, used in promoting environmental issues

YELLOW: – Enhances optimism and cheerfulness,more of used for window shoppers, used for enthusiasm, creating sense of anxiety

ORANGE:-Reveals aggressiveness, call to action and stimulates anxiety

BLACK:-Used in promoting luxury products,associated with power,strength and symbol of intelligence

PINK: – Reflects romance and generally used for women and girls and promoting their products

GREY: – Reveals old age and depression and symbolise feeling of practicality, timeliness and solidarity in life

WHITE: – Related to purity,cleanliness and stability and used as sense of creativity

PURPLE: – Often used in anti-aging products, shows calmness and sootiness

Info graphics are quite easily and useful for sharing any information. Infographics are deliberate design and imaginary to appeal to the audiences. It can be roughly read and can be passed to others with a click. They present large set of information, colourful one page torrent.It condense and compresses information about critical issues into one simple graphics but fails to convey its messages if information is skewed and misrepresented.Colours play a major role to identify or signify details when it comes to infographics. Colour has 3 main essentials like spectrum, value and saturation.Spectrum means colours most visible attribute;Value means how bright or dull spectrum looks onscreen and Saturation is colours richness and pureness