Types Of Landscape Architecture Rendering

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In the field of landscape architecture, there are many tools available for diverse design and to communicate ideas so that we make spaces better for people who inhabit them. Renders help in communicating ideas or messages to clients, contractors or peer by idealising landscape to create a perfect image. Also, landscape architecture visualisation is considered as simple enough subject which can turn landscape ideas or plans into tangible ideas which gets easy to conceptualise the final project.

PLANS AND SECTION- They are considered as most versatile drawing which can be drawn to the scale and this proves to be essential during construction drawings. Generally, they are termed as section details, rendered section or AutoCAD planting plan which gives an exact idea about what is going to build. In such type of landscape architecture, plants are often used to represent canopy cover so that final ideas about planting can be judged on the basis of it.


With the help of this advanced modern version of computer software, one can easily access virtual reality either through video, walk through or screenshots. Such medium makes an amazing journey for potential clients and designers through programmes like a Rhino, 3D max, and Sketch-up. Through such programmes, landscape characters become so real that one feels like an actual world.

Hand Drawing

This type of drawing makes designer aware of available possibilities and also induces a sense of physical landscape. Hand drawings make a basic understanding of spatial characters of the spaces. One needs to be good at hand drawing as this is considered as best place to begin. Because of this method of making the drawings in front of clients, it gives a most engaging spark to them and this leads to better outputs.

Photoshop perspective

It is considered as most thrilling and tempting way of representing landscape architecture. Generally, designers put lots of efforts into Photoshop perspective for communicating their ideas to respective clients. Such type of landscape architecture gives viewers real lifetime experiences like people doing certain activities or use of lighting creates a distant atmosphere in their drawings. This helps viewers in convincing them that such type of landscape will work exactly according to their requirements.

At C- Design we design landscape with high-end creativity and every element used in the render needs to be crafted in a unique manner to create visually striking imagery. We are well established and reputed designers for many leading contractors, structural engineers, architects, and builders. Our well qualified and proficient team is known for consistency and timely completion of projects. They are fully equipped with tools and techniques and had been instrumental in giving a shape to our client’s building ideas in three-dimensional spaces.