Trends Shaping Furniture Design

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Trends Shaping Furniture Design
One of the key elements of Interior Design and Decoration today, customers mainly end consumers (buyers) are looking at more unique and trendy Furniture as part of their overall home Interior statement. As a designs expert, we have seen a recent shift in terms of preferences for colors, textures and shapes when it comes to Furniture Design.

In this article we have tried to summarise some of these trends, observed as shaping the Industry with unique style preferences.

Colors play a very specific role in designs and we have a good new for designers who like playing around with their bold strokes. Vibrant and contrasts are the new in’s in Furniture Design over timeworn single tone while color interiors. Today interiors are moving away from single tone white and gray shades to more trendy rich shades of brown, black, green, red and blush.
One of the most trended materials in Furniture Design was Copper, today it seems to have run its course just like rose gold and marble. As per the furniture design requirements we have been receiving during recent times we can pronounce Classic Brass as the new style statement for home accessories
There had been a shift in trend from buying whole furniture set which usually used to be alike, customers are now inclined towards mix and match of one-of-a-kind look. Also we have observed a move away from modern furniture design too
Today vibrancy is rocking not only floor but also the walls with a shift towards more vibrant colors like Green (Fluorescent), Red , Blue and Yellow cabinets in Kitchen and Bedrooms.
One of the most soothing and soft texture – Velvet is trending big time these days. When combined with natural textures like reclaimed wood and woven baskets , it adds visual interest and tactile coziness to a room.