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Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Explains in striking detail the Value pressure architecture have in our lives and that we as person beings are dictate by our environs. The color on the bulwark can severely change our moods, the pact of chairs in our income rooms can alter our social view, and the interior design of our own spaces can repeat us of the values and interests that we symbolise.

The substance of the class of our setting can also be interpret and practical in a more social context. The wonderful aspects and delicate planning of a place that is familiar and planned for social gathering can alter the very rapidity and tone of those social actions. The Student Union on site serves as a haven that unify students’ sense of conceit for SDSU. Its several floors of clean halls furnish with modern couches and chairs, support movement and represent a complex society for Aztecs and its overlooking clock tower gives students a sturdy aura of security and top pride. The Architect’s purpose in building the union is to merge and empower the students of SDSU and to tell again them why they cheerfully chose that school. In comparison, a union house embodies the same empowerment and unity, but within a brotherhood. Its part room represent the secrecy the brotherhood holds guilty for, and the values the alliance was founded upon.

The hole in the walls, the portion of wood that was once a door, and the bare beer cans lying on the floor within the hallway of the house, give the brothers a history of its social relations and reminds them of the musical personalities that they embody as brothers. In totaling, the empty common rooms upstairs present a more dreary atmosphere, only consisting of old couch, grey walls, and a pleasing beige fur rug. The dull of aesthetics in the room, signify that it is not planned to ease and foster the entity, but rather serve as a oil for social action. The blankness of architectural beauty welcomes diverse artistic tastes that the brothers of the union exhibit. It is only in a common context where the inventive value of our setting has less of an pressure than in an entity context, because it is in a common setting, wherever we as human being serve as the aesthetics for the architectural stencil.

By observe our surrounds and our reaction towards its aspect, we can really see and build sense of popular architect Alain De Bottom’s philosophy on architecture. Whether it is in a private or a social situation, the value of our environment dictate who we are and who we crave to be. As we growth into a more current era that depreciate artistic values, we should hold true to our surrounds and study to welcome its architectural prettiness as it is to repeat us of our identity and its power to the human skill.