Simple Steps To Create A Virtual Tour Using Movie Maker Or iMovie

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Virtual Tour using Movie Maker
Many of our esteemed website visitors ask us to share some tips and tricks for creating a stunning virtual tour, a layman can create without much knowledge of advance graphics and other tools. As one of the industry leaders in creative services we have always promoted knowledge and experience sharing not only amongst our internal team members but also with all our external stake holders including website visitors.

Step 1: Observe closely the site and subject in focus by making note of key prominent features you wish to highlight in your virtual tour. Key here is to make note of angles both internal and exterior that are prominent and define the space under consideration.

Step 2: Start your video shoot using any good quality camera. Remember to move very slowly while recording and also try to minimise hand vibrations as much as possible. We recommend here to use a tripod stand to take a 360 degree view of the space.

Step 3: For exterior amenities like kids play area or barbeque or pool etc. we recommend to capture some good still photographs

Step 4: Its time you transfer the entire data you have captured (both clips and stills) in your computer.

Step 5: Start the simple movie making application like Movie Maker in Windows PC or iMovie in Mac; these applications come pre-installed with OC in most of the computers. If not pre-installed you can visit relevant websites to download the same for free

Step 6: Now it’s the time to import all your movie clips and still images you have captured and saved in your computer into the application. Click File and select all the relevant files to be imported and click Import

Step 7: Select and drag all the imported media files in the video section, beginning with the finest still shots of exterior and following with the good quality video clips one at a time. Finally top-up the selection by dragging remaining exterior images you had captured.

Step 8: Review your work till now by saving and playing your work by clicking Play. While your movie plays make pointers on including foot notes. Foot notes play an important task of narrating a story you have just captured or wish to deliver by your virtual tour to the audience. These foot notes could be combination of describing a scene like ‘ we are entering the main dining area’ or developing an emotional connect like ‘ Deck area for a much needed breaks & relaxation’.

Step 9: One of the cool feature these applications provide is that you can connect a microphone and narrate the entire story by recording your voice. For that click on Tools and then Narrate Timeline in your PC or Microphone icon if you are using Mac.

Step 10: Finally it’s time to appreciate yourself and be popular by publishing the work you have created by clicking Publish in the toolbar section. Name your virtual tour accordingly and save in your system.