Significance of learning soft skills for the training purposes through AR and VR technology

Posted on : Jul 05, 2019

Importance of AR and VR increases when it’s about imparting training or learning new skills efficiently in any classroom-based programmes. Not only learning skills but an also practical experience increases which boost the confidence level of the learner. Even learner feels secured, confident and safe by repeating, correcting and learning targeted skills during a training session. Different skills like negotiation, public speaking and communication can be easily learned and thus helps the learner to work in different situations and context.

Following mentioned are advantages of this technique:-

1) Feasibility is one such factor which helps the learner in the best possible way and thus makes them more comfortable in order to grasp different verbal training like communication or public speaking. Such training one can achieve even if they practice alone.

2) Experiencing along with learning proves to be a major factor which makes such training more satisfactory because it enhances memory and knowledge factor

3) VR becomes a major element which changes the traditional face to face training to online classes sessions

4) Another factor is all about cost-effectiveness. The cost involved in learning the traditional way of training is much higher as compared to VR headsets that are based on mobile.

5)The learner can learn any topics from the virtual room and can repeat them by practicing which is very helpful in getting training for a sales pitch or public speaking.

6) In such type of virtual reality training, headsets play a major role because it reduces distraction and high level of engagements

7) Due to AR and VR training, learners can understand training and practice such skills with diverse business scenarios. This helps them to get prepared in order to face similar situations in their actual workplace. However such situations become impossible to handle while practicing in a traditional learning environment.

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