Posted on : Feb 08, 2021

The revolutionary change in the construction industry is due to the latest BIM technology which allows architects, facility managers, contractors to manage, operate design, and build.BIM technology. The entire construction project consists of different functions, phases, cost, and components which get easily planned right from idea conception till final completion of the project.

At C-DESIGN, we have expertise in heavy design development for cranes, mining equipment, offshore structure, crushers, and conveyors. Our professional engineering design team supports design engineers right from idea conceptualization till the completion phase, so as to take essential decisions like cost factors, industrial equipment quality, and consistency. Our main areas of focus are designing special machines for farm equipment, heavy hydraulics, mining trucks, and tractor to Earthmovers, material handlers, and loaders.

For heavy machinery manufacturers, we provide the following design support services:-

  1. A) Packaging machine design
  2. B) Detailed packaging right from conceptual ideas, styling and manufacturing drawings
  3. C) Machine design and construction equipment such as wheel loaders, Dozers, dump trucks, cranes, towing tractors, etc.
  4. D) Value engineering
  5. E) Durability and structural analysis
  6. F) Design failure analysis and design verification and report