Scope Of Architectuarl 3D Exterior Design Rendering Services

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In today’s time, the demand for handmade designs has decreased drastically. Because of advancement in technology, more companies are interested in 3d exterior visualisation model which provides qualitative output and also give lots of convenience to their potential customers. One of the main benefits of this technology is that customers can view their final product before actual construction work begins. Once architects provide them drawings, then 3D designers uses this technology to create 3d image which can be viewed from all the angles. Generally investors don’t take pain in reading plan or get bored off. In such times because of this 3d technology, clients can get overview about their final product through which they can easily relate.

Below mentioned are few examples which show types of 3d exterior architectural rendering are as follows:-


With the help of this tool, office building image can produce everlasting impression on the minds of their potential targeted audiences. Architects can provide exterior architectural rendering image from 3 angles: front end, backside and close-up of the facade.


Architects can provide hotel designs with golden lights which eliminate vibrant nightlife. In such exterior rendering 3d image, generally clients choose nightlife view where the results come out be totally different.

Even while making exterior rendering of any resort, architects tries to make a perfect blend of synchronisation with a smooth calmness. Other important aspects like shadows, light and simplicity should also be included in such rendering image.

The main goal of architects is to create exterior rendering image with more modern design in such a way that it grabs attention of customers and can relate brand with culture diversity of that country. Architects generally prefer night view so that project looks more shiny, festive and colourful and its roof pointing right into the sky.

At C-Design, we provide 3d rendering services for promotion of your business, hotels or other real estate projects. Our team of experienced professionals is able to provide top-notch quality 3d rendering services during designing, planning, and visualisation of any projects irrelevant of its size. We believe in order to provide effective 3d exterior rendering services, its architecture details should be properly analysed .And our expert designers and architects will customise design or plan as per our client’s requirements and taste.