Posted on : Mar 02, 2020

In the Architectural industry, the main role of point cloud technology is to help during the renovation of the structures when original documents and measurements are not available in architectural drawings. The point cloud is a set of data points in space which is created using a 3D scanner. Data points are projected into the surface of an object which consists of coordinates of their location. Whenever such data points when assembled together then they form 3D objects.

Another advantage of Point cloud technology is its compatibility with both technologies like Revit and AutoCAD without any conversion issues. Major benefits of point cloud technology are:-

1) Accuracy increases-With the help of Point cloud technology, we can create 2D/3D models with accuracy.

2) Reduces Time-Because of point cloud technology, it reduces time spent on the site and stores all information in point cloud scans. Therefore it directly reduces the time that one spends at the site and reduces the overall process of going back to the site.

3) Effective measurements-Due to this technology, point cloud scans proves to most effective in measuring dimensions and shows proper spatial relations between different parts of the structures.

4) Accurate decision making-Point cloud technology helps in creating an accurate decision on the basis of available genuine information.

5) Lessen up Cost factor-Point cloud technology also helps in reducing cost factor, increases data precision and optimizes time factor

6) Rapid Site survey-Point cloud technology gives you a quick ride for any existing site survey and thereby provides all data in a single go. 

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