Posted on : Feb 15, 2021

With the rise of Computer-Aided Design Technology, these programs can be used for a variety of reasons for different types of industries like Building Construction, Industrial Machinery, Ship Building, Automotive industry, etc.CAD technology is useful to the Aerospace industry which helps in designing innovative air plane designs. And therefore it is suitable in the making of 3D dimensional models so as to help architects, engineers, clients, and designers in detecting errors, and thus it’s considered the best solution in the project stage. Also, CAD designers can easily detect risky or inefficient flight process through 3 Dimensional models. They can easily renovate old plane models by analysing previous models, digitally develop their prototype before their production, and draft related product design and functionality.

At C-DESIGN, CAD applications are basically used in 3D modelling, Preliminary plan, safety analysis, concept sketching, and prototyping, performance analysis for different industries like heavy industries, manufacturing industries, aeronautical, and locomotives industries.

CAD skills are used in the following ways:

  1. A) Structural design and validation
  2. B) Aggregation and Integration of models
  3. C) CAD customisation and parametric part modelling
  4. D) Study of value engineering on current models
  5. E) Data conversion 2D to 3D models
  6. F) 3D models interactive design
  7. G) Detailed engineering designs
  8. H) Design and drafting of various aerospace products