Reasons Why One Should Go For USDZ- For Sharing Compact Single Open File Format

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In the annual developer’s conclave, Apple announced in partnership with Animation Company named Pixar about USDZ file format. This type of new uniform 3d file format will create a 3d experience more attractive and engaging for not only gaming and entertainment industries but also for enterprises who want to reach their targeted audiences. In WWDC, one of the biggest announcement is of USDZ- universal scene description optimised which gives faster, safer and richer AR experience as compare to other file formats and its content are also view able in the mail, safari and messages app. Following are major benefits of USDZ file format

1) The match up with market speed-It’s because of 3d world, wherein products can be launched on an online platform much before their manufacturing or developmental stage. Companies can no longer have to wait till final product launch phase, as they can tap interest level of audiences and potential sales much before its initial production stage. Through 3d world visuals, consumers can get a very clear idea about products or services and thus marketing activities start much sooner its initial launch phase saving both time and energy simultaneously.

2) Make us more comfortable with future VR /AR use-There is very few websites available which allow interacting with their 3d models directly from your browser. But with the arrival of Apples USDZ format, it became possible to interact with the 3d world from your device and also can experience AR world by putting their existing environment into it. Such features are available in the mail, messenger, safari, news, and notes making it highly convenient for its users to access their content anytime from their devices.

3) Images can be updated and saved conveniently –Many a times 3d renderings needs to be altered while creating catalogues whether in online or offline modes. Thus in such times if there comes to need to remake or retouch photos, then USDZ is considered as most cost-saving techniques in order to lower costs of file image alterations

4) Quality continues-Whether there is a requirement of shiny texture, magnificently detailed, metallic rocket ship or any dazzling jewellery while framing all these qualities in 3d images, all of them can be easily maintained through USDZ file format.

5) Make it easier for marketers – With the implementation of this technology, users and marketers can easily access these 3d assets without any complexity nor require any specific app or plug-in for using it.