Posted on : Nov 11, 2020

In earlier times, manual CAD drafting was a normal practice used by many organisation through which any objects can be represented in 2D dimensions. Later on, 3D dimensional representation gained a lot of significance in the design and documentation process. Due to this latest technology and digitisation, screen overcome paper, CAD software consists of a plethora of options across the global AEC industry. Below mentioned are some of the reasons which describe the importance of 2D to 3D CAD conversion and its requirements in following situations:-

Visualisation-In the organisation, it becomes quite essential to take approvals from clients/top management which is generally considered as the biggest hurdle in product development. In the 2D drawings, it becomes difficult to explain to a non-technical person about com plex drawings which may lead to delays in approvals, slow, and challenging tasks overall. But visualisation of 3D drawings of the same object becomes easy to even nontechnical target audiences.

Furniture Detailing works best in 3D modeling which 3D models can perform in a better way

Parametric modeling-In today’s time, the AEC industry is moving from 2D CAD towards BIM modeling for efficient and effective coordination of construction management.

Complex shapes-Architects use these complex shapes to create futuristic shapes and sculpted buildings due to the latest advancement in the engineering field.

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