Packaging Design- Psychology Behind It

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Packaging design is one of an essential element that can increase your sales. Researchers have proved that a visual stimulus helps in drawing people’s attention subconsciously. This helps in responding favourably to your products so that more products get sold. It governs customer’s behaviour even if they have no intention of buying them. Product packaging is considered as a trigger which drives customers impulsive buying so that they bypass their reflective thought and makes impulsive purchasing choices.

It has also been proved in researches that attractive packaging leads to more activity in the brain associated with impulsivity than neutral or unattractive packaging.

Psychology behind packaging design all depends on Colour, texture, shape and typography


Shapes are one of the unique identifiers which affect emotions for your product packaging. Some shapes without context create awe, fear or excitement. But those with context create more powerful reactions. Generally, psychological guidelines say that curves are more attractive than straight lines. Basic objective of any packaging shapes must be product appropriate, brand relevant and unique from others


Typography plays a crucial role while packaging design. One should never overlook the importance of font size as they are considered as a delivery system for the communication.

For eg

Headline font-Grabs attention and shows intensity with truthfulness

Decorative fonts- Shows enjoyment and excitements

Hand script fonts- They reflect casual and youthful look


Colours play an important role in effectively grabbing customer’s attention.Certain colours like red, green, yellow and blue are highly eye-catching as they increase livelihood so that customers feel like to look at your package. For eg, some cultures have a different meaning in terms of colours combination is concerned. Just as in the US, people associate blue with trust and stability. Yellow relates to happiness and green with money.

Another important aspect of colour comes when it’s about choosing a logo for brand identity. Logo plays a most important role for your loyal customers in building their trust and making them familiar with certain brands.