Posted on : Jul 09, 2019


In today’s scenario, AR and VR have completely changed the meaning of visual communication. And with the help of these latest technologies, now it has become so easy to create a real environment with the help of augmenting our surroundings using smart phones, glasses or phone cameras.

Following are applications where VR and AR can be used:-

1) VR in education-One of the most suitable and interesting sector of virtual reality is in the field of training and education. Researchers have proved that those who learn and gets trains in the VR field, tend to retain more information and for a longer period of time as compared to conventional methods like books and videos. For e.g.: In the construction industry, if the students use VR then their retention capacity increases and they generally score higher in the test. And the same principle applies in the medical field as well as VR helps such professional students to learn live patients in a better way as many time as needed without any distraction.

2) VR and AR as a virtual tour of your future home– The importance of AR and VR is seen in real estate sector as well because, through this technology, customers can not only go for virtual showings but also access VR goggles to walk a home anywhere in the world. Also, augmented reality plays a major role and helps in bringing positive changes in the field of real estate. Visitors can potentially locate their virtual homes within their VR goggle view. Even home shoppers those who are staying at far places can easily view and relocate their homes without leaving ease of their existing homes. Information of nearby schools, cafes, restaurant, shopping centers, can be easily found out or any other type of information can be easily fetched like the year when the home was built, building materials, etc.

3) Workplace communication with VR technology-One of the biggest advantage of using AR and VR is for spreading real-time communication by providing employees and customers virtual environment to test improvement and facility to gain real-time information. Like augmented reality is like business first with applications in manufacturing, training and field services. And virtual reality is like consumer first with applications in movies, games, events. Thus both such technology adds to become a finer tool for tomorrow’s virtual proficient. Another example: imagine people sitting in a different part of the globe still sitting close to each other in the virtual room. Not only these technologies are considered consumer responsive and reasonable but also power lies in what we communicate and collaborate through them.

4) Virtual reality in courtroom-In the earlier times, lawyers were using wipe boards and photographs for showing proofs or mechanism of the accidents. But with VR it has now become quite easy for involving decision makers directly into the scene. For e.g.: one can make judges feel about real accidents impact and thus can directly involve them in the decisions making process.

At C-Design we always make sure to understand client’s requirements properly and then offer the best possible competitive augmented reality model by using the latest tools and technologies. Our clients always have crystal clear communication with us and proper synchronisation with them at every developmental stage. Our proficient designers are well qualified and proficient in their fields and possess necessary tools & techniques to design live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by system-generated sensors.