Modeling Point: Realistic Human Head

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Create credible human face have been one of final goals of many 3D artists. The procedure of creating an normal human face is naughty new or quite a very old topic, though to archive the mainly realistic and natural-looking probable we have to make the finest out of every pace we do: from collecting references, planning facing modelling, topology, texturing, rendering…etc.

In this revise I will only cover part of my explore of the modeling procedure, I will bounce during the original things like how to use tackle in specific software like Maya/Max or rung by step directions but rather paying additional thought to upper height things such as : overall work flow, diverse advance of modelling, topology, common mistakes …etc as well as all other clothes that you must put your brain on while running to create a practical head model.


One primary thing you must always conscious of is that: always doing research/ planning by digging into doing any real work. This is critical significant for roughly everything not just practical head modelling.

don’t need any orientation to work their way up to the concluding product, but sensible-wise and production-wise it is highly optional or even a should that we must base our work on reference, whether it is concept art or photograph…etc. The method we set up reference and thought arts have direct influence on our models later. The most significant thing in this part is the precision and value of reference photographs, concept arts. If we below estimate or make blunder in this process, we might face grave problems later whilst the model fit with the face view position image but does not fit at all with the side view. extra case is that our model look accurately fit in orthographic view but in perception view it doesn’t look alike the individual in reference.


We must always plan our topology ahead of modelling or also we will obtain lost in maze of border loops or lost control of our poly count and end up wasting poly on needless parts. We contain to sketch out the main figure of the head then base starting that we plan our edge structures. Topology is one of key element in 3D modelling in general and particularly human face modelling in exacting.

Because topology and edge loops play an significant part in building up the cranium volume, face’s characteristics as well as make up what our head model can do/deform in animation. Unlike extra parts of character, the head contain much more screen time with several close up shots that engage complex facial face animation like: smile, sad, anger…etc all fetch up different shape and deformations stage of the face.

With a good and smart topology, it is probable for our head model to be talented to deform well into to any sensible expression. if we have a messed up topology, our skull model cannot do a particular facial animation and smooth if it can, the phrase will look very un-natural and indistinct badly or need a lot of heavy skining/ bend rigging work.