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Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

2D Art Services – 2d Artworks

Game Art progress is one of the mainly critical steps in seal your game’s destiny. Even as thousands of game art professional are present art services; an expert studio gets is through for less bucks and time. And this is what we suggest at OX Studio. We give industry standard game art and quality design at cost efficient rates within promise time frames.
Have worked in fixture expansion for more than 10 years ourselves, we recognize the deadline and cost barrier you work with. This is the motive C-DESIGN studio gives you skilled game art designers to finish tasks in specific time frames without compromise on value. Also Autodesk Maya, OX Studio has general occurrence in Unity, Cry Engine, and Unreal Engine. We make all balance of game art ranging from a few triangles to high poly count models.

We make all types of Game Art and property for your project

Concept Art:

Concept art is the mainly significant bough of game art that is straight connected to the very idea of the fixture. Every game requires some shape of Concept Art to make an exclusive visual identity these days. Have worked lengthily in this field, we recognise the varying supplies of concept art for all types of games. We contain some extreme minds at C-DESIGN Studio who just cannot stop scrawl original, at period strange material out of their pencils. Put them on your method and they will carry your thoughts to essay.

We make 2D art Services:

2D games might only have 2D art, but with C-DESIGN Studio, the outcome is far from flat! 2D art for a sport can be beautiful as well as powerful. Our Concept Art experts give mock-up based on your idea and ideas. See for manually what we can give and decide if you desire to.

Our major focus inside 2D art lies in Online Games. We contain also worked on tone of other projects for 2D game growth across all game sharing platforms.

C-DESIGN Studio is also an organizer when it comes to mobile games.

Graphics are the single thing gamers will consider about your game. Don’t resolve for second best through your art and graphics design. For above 10 years, the C-DESIGN Studio squad has brought stunning fallout to games of all type for any number of platforms. Call or make contact with C-DESIGN Studio today and let us create the splendid, beautiful art graphics that your sport deserves.


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