Logos And Their Psychological Relations With Colours

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

If you understand logical science behind colours as it play most significant role in establishing brands in the market.Logo is considered as first thing while recognising brand.Logos colour and its design always leave deep impression in the mind of the viewer.If one can understand its target audience insights and their connections with the colours then half of the brand positioning is already taken care of.

Different colours stimulate different psychological responses that influence consumer behaviour.People make a subconscious judgement about a product in less than 90 seconds of viewing its colour. According to one of the research, 85% viewers says it’s because of colour that they tend to get attracted towards a particular product and purchase it.Whenever people buy any product they tend to get initially attracted to its colour then its texture and smell or sound. Colour increases its comprehensions,learning and reading impact.

Whenever designer is undertaking logo design assignment, the most important thing to remember is that it should be stunning enough to not only attract but engage with target audience. The overall brand positioning let it be the associated personality, brand icon, punch lines, logo, websites etc. must be in line with company’s product and be able to stand apart from existing players in the market place. There are 3 primary colours Red, blue and yellow and secondary colours-Orange,green and purple.

Red: -associated with the effects of fire and sun, stimulate senses and increases heart rate, liveliness and desire.Generally used by restaurants and used for impulsive shoppers .It gives strong emotional feeling and creates feeling of passion and intensity.

Yellow: – associated with feeling of optimism and hope,increases cheerfulness and reduces tension and tiredness,stimulate nervous system.Generally it grabs attention of window shoppers and reflects clarity

Blue: – It reflects feeling of calmness,confidence,power and success. Generally used more often in logos and extensively used in government and medical companies

Orange:-It’s made of both the colours red and yellow.Generates feeling of youthfulness,fun and approachability,cheeriness and warm enthusiasm

Green: – Generally used for organic and natural food. Shows feeling of health, freshness and success

Purple:-Generally reflects feeling of royalty,creativity, sophistication and costliness

Black is a colour with a split personality. It reflects different feeling at a same time like it shows authority and sophistication, but on the other hand it is associated with evil and death. It shows momentousness and brashness and also looks typical.

White is generally associated with clarity, spotlessness, easiness and naturalness. In practical terms, a white logo will always need to stand in a coloured field to make it show up on a white background.

Brown has masculine implications and is often used for products associated with rural life, earthiness and subtle richness

Pink can be fun and flirty. Related to femininity and innocence