Logo Design Trends Of 2019

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

With the emergence of the latest logo design trends, many websites and companies are coming up with their online presence. And it’s advisable to create logo design with below-mentioned details:-

Overlapping elements-It refers to specific letter or part which are overlapped or stacked on each other in order to create visual interest and depth. For e.g.: PayPal is using letter P which is an overlapped letter. The main factor which impacts overlapping logo elements are mentioned below

1) Not to use more elements in overlapping as this may create a high level of fuss and becomes difficult to recognise.

2) Another technique is the use of high color designs. And select only one element for overlapping as it creates a feeling of depth.

Use of lowercase characters-One of the essential factor of such type of logo design techniques requires a perfect balance between typography and lowercase characters as they are considered as an attention-grabbing solution. Also, below mentioned certain points should also to be taken into consideration:-

1) Use of white background can create huge impacts on the overall visual appeal of the logo design.

2) After taking into consideration the readability factor, it’s advisable to use small and simple words so as to avoid fuss around them.

3) Avoid use of old sans serifs and instead, go for beautiful typeface which strikes the perfect balance between background and the letters so that smaller posture is seen.

Use of Flat Logos-Flat logos is considered as the best alternative as it becomes quite easy to work with them. A flat logo generally rests on the foreground layer and can be easily differentiated from the background. They are generally used in website designing and full-screen images and also during video making. Flat logos require below-mentioned points:-

1) In Flat Logos, it’s desirable to use few colours like white or black in their designs

2) It’s essential to use easy typography that matches visual element or icon in the logo

3) Don’t add more design techniques into the design as flat logo looks more appealing and increases user engagements

4) Have a combination of text and visual divot all tied together to the logo design

Use of circles-One of the biggest advantages of using circles at the place of the logo is that they can be easily plug-in at that place like in social media platforms, letterheads and even on business cards. As the circle shape is full of velocity, energy, infinity, and harmony and that’s why considered as trending logo design features. But there are certain factors to be considered while creating logos in the round shape like|:-

1) Make sure that your communication does not get distorted while plug-in all elements into it

2) If your text is too long then make sure to use some words outside of the circle

3) Try to merge your brand and shape properly and within proper synchronisation

4) Certainly, make sure that circle and harmonious colour palette gel up together in order to create a perfect balance between branding and logo designing.

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