Lighting up your next interior renders –An essential element of the architectural services

Posted on : Nov 04, 2019

Ever wondered what differentiates a virtual / non-real and a real interior image when it comes to engaging or luring target audience of our leading global clients of outsource architectural services and outsource CAD services. Most of the leading architects, builders, contractors and developers believe that the human eyes are much more detail oriented and always lookout for visual inaccuracies when it comes to judging authenticity of an image. As per the neuroscience, visual senses of eyes work on the principle of reflection of light and are capable of adjusting to the incoming light temperature ranging from warm yellow of incandescent bulbs or the dull green of fluorescent ones.

As per our frequent communication to the most of our outsource architectural services and outsource CAD services clients many a times our target audience differentiates between a well – lit room and a little dull (lighting) one as day and night. This happens because of dull lighting, many a times the images under edit lose the surround qualities and the depth that proper lighting presents.

One of the key rendering strategy specifically for interior renders is to use smart lighting and the colors in ones renders which would make it appear lively, fresh and clear. As the design artists on behalf of builders, developers, architects and contractors under our outsource architectural service and outsource CAD services we let shadows to come more naturally from multiple directions and disperse more organically to make renders look more engaging, lively and realistic.

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