Posted on : Aug 02, 2021

At C-DESIGN, we facilitate designing and drafting services that make your company ahead of the technology within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget. Below mentioned are some of the advancement in the 3D architectural models as given:-

  1. A) Virtual Reality-Virtual reality technology helps clients in making clear interaction between architects and clients. While latest augmented reality technology helps proper blending between the virtual and real world. Also, Virtual reality helps clients in giving a real walkthrough of the building structure and 3D rendering helps designers and customers about the accurate feel of the buildings.
  2. B) In the AEC industry, the main goal of any building project is to give clear information and visualization of its structure to its clients and customers. Thus augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are helping them in achieving this goal and thus they have become an essential part of architectural presentation
  3. C) Augmented Reality helps in bringing perfect synchronization between the artificial world and the real world.AR experts help to visualize architectural 3D models which helps integrate the new building into the real building structure and allow information to become digitally interactive and effectively workable.
  4. D) Such tools help designers and architects to virtually dwell in 3D spatial conditions using natural body motion and hand movement. Thus computerized and gestural design tools help in transforms design information using gestural modeling.

At C-DESIGN, we facilitate augmented reality and Virtual reality services using advanced modern technology within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget. Kindly contact us and get your quote.