Posted on : Oct 12, 2020

In modern times, the furniture manufacturing industry demands much more as per changing customer’s preferences. Now the total focus has shifted to aesthetic and functionally attractive furniture. But in order to bring comfort, aesthetic furniture look, and durability to the furniture designs; a lot of changes are needed before actual manufacturing begins. Thus 3D CAD modeling becomes indispensable when necessary changes were required to do in existing designs instead of building it from scratch.

Issues faced by furniture manufacturers and Designers:-In today’s times, modern furniture designing is depending on the fusion between function and fashion. Below mentioned are some of the challenges faced by modern furniture designer which changes as per ever-increasing customer’s needs:-

A) Budget Constraint-In today’s scenario, modern furniture designs requires special interior style and structuring which requires high-level competencies and skills. Such type of unique work incurs a direct impact on manufacturing cost. But clients are not very keen on stretching their pockets. So it becomes absolutely crucial for furniture designers to provide the furniture designs with more innovative ideas without increasing any extra manufacturing cost.

B) Increasing demand for customised furniture-Nowadays customisation is not only limited to changing colors or dimensions but also gives special effects to the furniture design. In today’s time, Resimercial furniture design is considered as the latest trend which brings homely feelings like residential furniture into your place of work. The main reason for such type of Resimercial design and furnishing is to create something welcoming and soothing atmosphere for the organisational staff; thereby helps in making them more productive and creative.

C) Over designing element-These days over designing is considered as a complex issues. It’s advisable to keep the design simpler, strong and environment friendly. Also, good work deliverable companies generally apply re-engineering so as to distance them from copying. E.G Latest trend of Aluminum metal is favored these days for Anti-rust properties, lightweight, environment-friendly and flexible properties.

At C-Design, you can avail holistic retail models and furniture design right from the boardroom to reception, terrace to garden and everything else in it’s in the middle. With the help of a pool of competent talents and latest technology tools, we deliver full rendered, carved, and textured wooden and metal furniture models. We provide an extensive blend of furniture designs and adhere to strict quality control techniques in order to match with the latest market standards. We offer different services like industrial furniture for optimal utilisation of space, home furniture as per home management, and also aligning with basic ergonomics and corporate furniture for providing an elegant yet comfortable feel. With the help of the latest design and advanced modern technologies, it becomes very easy to transform any of your furniture ideas into workable models ready for manufacturing. We offer top-notch services like furniture configurations, 3d furniture visualisation, furniture color-changing features, photo realistic images as per the latest rendering technologies, set design (mini vignette, planogram vignette) for furniture.