Influence Of Architectural Drawings In The AEC Industry

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Have you ever imaged what is the hit formula for any successful construction project? The answer lies in the architectural drawings which play a major role in the AEC industry (Architectural Engineering and construction industry). At C-Design we believe in creating constructive drawings as an approach because the success of your construction projects depends solely on your approach whether dull or exciting. Attitude will either give you success or can turn out to be a dull project which wastes your team’s time and effort. That’s why in nutshell architectural drawings play a major role and act as visual communicative aids for your architects, builders, subcontractors, manufacturers, fabricators.

Architectural drawings are considered as a tool for creativity and thoughtfulness and that’s why it’s considered as an initial step for your construction project. Architectural design is all about exploring texture, light, distance, form to build exceptional building project. Architectural design is all about a series of steps which are as follows


1) Design Brief- This describes complete statement about architectural design goals

2) Analysis and Research-Through analysis and research work, the designing solution can be framed out an analysis of existing goals can be easily done

3) Specification- This specifies conditions of the architectural design solution and shows problem-solving and documenting them

4) Presentation-Presenting design solution

At C-Design, initially, we try to gather as much information from our clients and field surveys. We submit 3 to 4 architectural design options to our clients in the form of sketches so that they can easily look out suitable output for themselves. Generally, rough cost estimation attaches with each option will give our clients fare idea about selecting design according to their estimated budget and preferences. Our Clients gets added advantages regarding modification in their selected design work.

DESIGNING WORK IN PRODUCTION PHASE (SCHEMATIC DRAWING):-Development and testing phase-In this type of architectural design, testing and continuous improvement of a designed solution are carried out.

At C-Design, once our clients select their best suitable design option along with required modifications, then our experts revise them and update them regarding cost estimation if required. Because we take our client’s budgets very much seriously and always provide them with cost efficiency and cost effectiveness through our work.

POST PRODUCTION DESIGN FEEDBACK-At C-Design we make sure to introduction and evaluation of design solution into the environment. Also, constructive criticism and suggestions for future improvement are always welcomed in our organisation.

Once the final design gets selected then our experts will begin preparing notes, technical specifications, drawings required for bidding and constructions. Contractors will prepare detailed drawings and necessary specifications for further process. On the basis of bidding, final contractors get selected on the basis of their expertise. Thus once construction is underway; we enter into the last phase of construction administration where we make sure that our construction is in accordance with design intent and clients requirements.

Architectural drawings thus are used by architects and others for different purposes like to communicate ideas and concept, develop design idea into a rational proposal, to convince clients about the intrinsic worth of the design, to enable the contractor to build it, works also as a record of the building.