Impressive Ideas On Motion Graphics

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Motion graphic is most relevant and impressive visual communication tool nowadays. It reflects thoughts and emotions in the most extraordinary ways which helps in grabbing audience’s attention through strong narrative and real-life creativity. Motion graphics are perfect storytelling tools these days which uses animated images or moving images in 2d or 3d format

Understand and apply visual feel-Motion graphics is a proper amalgamation of music, audio, and visuals that reflect the strong brand. Such efforts are always results of the great creative team which can add invaluable thoughts, ideas and thus creates brainstorming for animators and designers.

Know your goal-It’s always essential to analyse your goal from the very beginning of the making of motion graphics which influences unique design conclusion down the road. Think about the awareness level you are targeting, what’s people’s reaction after watching your video, a suitable action that people will take, what your type of motion graphics like a teaser, explainer, product overview or descriptive.

Animation and design are integral elements –It’s believed that motion graphics is considered the best tool for animators and designers which helps in creating a brainstorming process, thoughtful designs, invaluable thoughts, and ideas. Everybody in the process of making motion graphics should understand goals, story or message, tone and length of your story run.

Watch your word count-Its believed that good motion graphics are generally of 2 minutes including visuals, audio and kinetic texts which affects timings. Messages are communicated with the creative elements involved in it that acknowledge story line with limited words count.

In motion graphics, the next important aspect is to understand the animator’s design requirements and accordingly provide them a best possible visual canvas to work with. Always have an open line of communication between your design and animators required output. Also, voice over plays a major role in making sense of your script. Avoid if your scenes pass too quickly or if audiences are getting bored of lengthy visual which takes more than 15 minutes in getting completed.

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