Posted on : Apr 21, 2020

Nowadays there are many softwares available in the market and it becomes extremely difficult to choose which one to get started because each software may have different application methods and tools. Among them Sketch up is the 3D computer programe which used widely for different projects in the field of architecture, video games, interior design, mechanical and civil engineering, landscape architecture, etc. Sketch up Software comes in different forms like

Sketch up Free-This web-based application can be easily used after signing up the account with a free Timble ID with a genuine email ID

Sketch up make- Its free version and can be easily downloaded after signing up the account

Sketch up Pro- This type of software program consists of additional features like access to 2D documentation, import and export of different file formats, style builder and different layout tools so as to create customize styles of models.

Mentioned below are different tips which help in better understanding of this software:-

 1) Use best rendering services- Sketch up helps in creating different things like great models but it fails to provide effective photorealism in the renders. So it’s essential to provide efficient softwares like V-RAY, 3DS-Max, Maya so as to create realistic renders for your models.

2) Effective use of measurement tools-These digital design softwares have a common problem of visualizing your 3d models on the 2D screen so aligning your models on the right plane becomes a major issue. Thus leads to the problem of lines failing to match up when one switches views. That’s why SketchUp 3d modeling software offers essential tools like protractor and tape measure which helps you in figuring out the main 3 axes and thus any minute changes made will affect the model in the full 3D space.

 3) The impact of animations-Animation plays a major role in the world of architecture and it helps in bringing your models into life. But still, there are many digital design software which don’t show different tools for animations but SketchUp provides an easy process of choosing various tools for animations and thus one can animate anything / gives transition effects from one scene to another smoothly and easily.

4)Using effectively clicks for selection-Selection is considered as one of the most essential features of any digital design software which gives different options on clicks like single click will select the single face of an object, double click will select a face and edges surrounding it and the third click will select the entire object. Sketch up software is most effective and efficient 3d drawing software which is used right from initial phase till completion of construction project where changes/editing can be easily done and considered as an easy tool to represent ideas.

Following mentioned below are other benefits like

 A) Accuracy B) Precision C) Simplicity D) creation of 2D drawings E) Making of presentation Drawings Sketch up modeling is known for its famous 3D modeling and design application which helps in providing quick design customisation as per clients’ business requirements. At C-Design, we have a team of experienced and dedicated talents working with a wide range of industries like construction developers, film making, video game development, real estate, architecture, product design and many more. We vouch for our self as an expert dealing with world-class sketch up technology, adhering to ISO standards, and top class infrastructure facilities which make us choice partner irrespective of client project complexity, volume and size. We provide other related services under the single roof of Sketch-up modeling are Sketch up cad conversion, sketch up animation, sketch up 3D drawings, and Sketch up 3D rendering.