Posted on : May 11, 2020

In the AEC industry, CAD is considered industry standard now a day because this latest technology helps you to see the entire room of your office/home with different colors of interiors before its construction process. In short, it gives wings to your dreams and that why building industry professionals are acknowledging it as an essential part of their organization.

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and drafting where your manual drawing board gets substituted with printer, plotter and CAD software. In the past time, any design related to the mechanical, architectural or civil field is performed by hands on the paper /blueprints. But later on, these manual paperwork/blueprints which contain all relevant details of designing planned projects turned out to be time-consuming and costly with drawings required repeated updates. Therefore organization felt the need of updating/ converting these blueprints into CAD files because technical data is considered a crucial asset of it and that’s why it need to maintained for the proper functioning of the business. Below mentioned are some industries which use CAD and its related CAD application like

A) Construction    

B) Commercial and residential architectural & design   

C) Industrial design  

D) Automotive                 

E) Highways and Road

F) Mechanical Engineering

G) Entertainment

H) Aerospace

I) Shipbuilding



L) Mapping and Surveying

M) Structural Engineering

N) Civil engineering

 There are 3 ways where your CAD system and manual designs can work effectively A) Maintaining manual paper drawings B) CAD conversion C) Editing raster images. Among these, paper to CAD conversion turn out to be the best offer with numerous benefits as mentioned below:-

1) Saves time factor

2) Provides a higher return on investment

3) Able to meet up project deadlines

4) Improves quality work

5)  Works effectively in the competitive market

6) Saves resources, Training cost, Operation cost

7) Easy to maintain

8) Becomes major value addition for your organization

At C-DESIGN, we provide paper to CAD conversion services effectively and efficiently with numerous benefits as mentioned above results and as per our client’s requirements within the decided stipulated time frame.