Posted on : Jun 29, 2020

Interior rendering is considered one of the most powerful instruments which designers use to convey their ideas and can easily win project presentation Rendering delivers higher precision and impression as compared to sketch, motherboard, or drawings. That’s why not only architects, designers but clients also can understand interior design rendering and its importance in the architectural world.

Light plays a crucial role in the field of interior designing as experts use them in conveying different moods and size of the spaces. It works even in synchronisation with room size, availability of natural light, color selection so as to convert space into an effective combination of functionality and style.

Below mentioned are important reasons which explain the importance of lights in the interior designing:-

A)    Functionality-It is considered an essential component of lighting in the field of interior design. If the light element gets properly used in the interior setting of the room then it can easily change the functionality of the room. For e.g. Single chandelier can illuminate the entire room, wall light can gradually increase length and size. Either use directional lighting style /luminescent style lighting for the interior setting. So in the nutshell; different features require different lighting styles as per the requirements

B)    Lightings as per directions- Generally, Creating Lightings effects have 2 major goals like -illuminating specific areas or the entire room. Additionally, track lighting which focuses on a particular spot like bar top, Kitchen Island, flower pot or center table, etc can change the entire mood of the home.

C)    Space- Lighting plays an important role in interior designing whether it’s artificial lighting or natural lighting as they both help in creating the illusion of space. For e.g. Lack of light will make space more cramped, natural lighting is recommended for darker rooms through windows or skylights. Many times experts use drapes/curtains in order to maximize lighting effects.  If in any case, artificial lighting is available then corner lamps, centrally hanging lights, etc may help in creating the illusion of spaces.

D)    Colour management-Lights is considered as the most essential element which helps in enhancing surfaces like lighter colored spaces will create more space and darker colored one will look more cramped. Thus illuminating spaces will make it look bigger and improve the mood of the room. Also, directional lighting can make wall color softer.

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