Importance of creating Millwork Shop Drawings in Retail Shops

Posted on : Jun 19, 2020

Like an architect who needs architectural plans, in the same way design engineers need millwork shop drawings for creating furniture manufacturing in the form of visual presentation. It basically includes multiple millwork and casework items that need drafting and detailing attention like booths, doors, benches, windows, display rack, kitchen /food preparation counters, kitchen cabinetry, display cabinets, mantelpieces, etc are some of important interiors elements.

Whenever we look at any shop, it generally consists of a small space packed with a larger number of goods. This shop arrangement gets designed in such a way that goods get showcased nicely for their targeted audiences. Interior millwork shop drawings help in designing the interiors with a finer perspective. These days technical drawings are gaining popularity which clearly provides interior designing visuals and any editing work can be easily performed in design shop drawings before actual works start off.

At C-DESIGN we offer millwork drafting services in the following areas like

  • Shopping mall and shops-Furniture like shelves mantels, kiosks, drawers, display cabinets, mailboxes, shutters, fitting room furniture, etc
  • Office furniture- bespoke reception desk, windows, doors, planters, teller lines.
  • Wall panelling, upholstery, decorative stands, booths, bespoke lighting, etc
  • Casework for kitchen counters and cabinets
  • Hospitality furniture-wood and metal chairs, mobile food stalls, commercial kitchen counters, reception desk
  • Institutional furniture-Benches, churches, parks, etc
  • Architectural decorative items-Decorative stand, lamps, upholstery booths, wall panels, etc
  • Residential furniture –Porch, windows, stair parts, wood storm, etc

At C-Design, we have a dedicated team of CAD drawing experts and drafts men who use familiar measurement units, symbols, notation systems, strictly adhere to international standards and recommend output in proper formats and layouts as per client’s requirements. Our efficient and professional CAD experts help engineers, HVAC contractors, consultants, EPC firms to effectively plan and design electro mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems across different sectors like a hospital, commercial building complex, educational, residential, industrial properties, etc. We simply need inputs in form of architectural plans, PDF images, electronic images, scanning images, JPEG files, hand-drawn sketches from our clients so as to provide most efficient and effective MEP drafting and designing services at the competitive rates. We took the pride in proclaiming ourselves as globally recognised MEP drawing service provider where we work in close association with our client’s engineering team so that they receive 100% accuracy in their professional drawings and thus match quality and standards as expected by them. With a team of more than 200 dedicated professionals and rich experience of 15 years, we are capable of serving more than 300 successful MEP drawing projects across the global countries. Contact us and get your quote at the competitive rates.