Posted on : Nov 01, 2021

In the field of the architectural industry, CAD technology plays important role which helps in visualizing your projects, overall designing goals and new designing testing ideas. This latest 3D modeling technology helps in designing process along with editing or redesigning such ideas. Nowadays architects are using such software for accurately streamlining designing process of new building structures and construction projects.3D Modeling software services helps to save extra cost and time while editing your projects and thereby provides you realistic picture of the final products and how’s its going to look like.

CAD software should be used in following ways

  1. A) Chief Architect-This is latest robust 3D and 2D modeling tool which is considered as best tool for learners who are not familiar with this technology and comparatively considered as much easier for use.
  2. B) AutoCAD architecture-This type of technology is popularly used by Autodesk which helps users to create both 2D, 3D designs for making various realistic, solid models of your project. This software helps in providing many tools and functions for more focused and collaborative works.
  3. C) Revit –This latest tool developed by Autodesk majorly helpful for architectural designs or 3D designs. It offers extensive aid in building information Management which plays utmost role in the process of creating buildings. Thus CAD is considered as important tool and aspect of architectural designs which makes it easy to work with colleagues on a project.

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