Posted on : Jun 21, 2021

In the field of the AEC industry, the latest modern software popularly known as Revit technologies helps in creating cost estimation, construction schedules and shop drawings. Revit software with its various professional features, comprehensive tools and intelligent objects helps in drawing shop drawings using a dynamic database in the AEC industry. Autodesk Revit software is basically used for MEP, managing mechanical, structural and architectural needs so as to provide high-grade accuracy and efficiency in your shop drawings.

Shop drawings are all design intent drawings used for components installing, assembling, manufacturing, or fabricating process. These drawings are basically designed by contractors, fabricators, product manufacturers or subcontractors to pre-fabricate elements like windows, fire protection, appliances, piping, lifts, electrical data layouts, ductwork etc.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of making shop drawings using Revit technology:-

  1. A) Smooth drafting –For making accurate shop drawings, it becomes essential to have clear documentation which can be useful for all types of stakeholders like supplier, contractor or fabricator etc. With the help of Revit technology, designers can effortlessly create detailed and precise documentation which adds value to the shop drawing process.
  2. B) Extensive Revit Library-Revit technology consists of an in-build library of parametric building designing parts which become easier and quicker for drafter. This library also works as a repository for predesigned/previously designed components which can be reused again as per the client’s requirements. Thus Revit family library saves valuable time and essential resources for higher operational speed for an organization.
  3. C) Versatile accessibility-Revit software helps in saving the entire project into a single file by supporting export and import to a large number of formats like DXF, PDF, JPEG, DGN, and DWG. This technology allows several users to work on the same project file and enhance the productivity of the entire design team.

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