How To Create 3D Models For Game Industry

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Whenever it’s about making character designing for game industry, it’s never easy task unless certain crucial points are considered before making game models. Over last 20 years, video games industry has changed rapidly which has shaken overall entertainment industry. Video games are considered as a visual form of art where they can be judged as to how they look or represent their characters or even how they will look like any animate-inanimate objects in the game world. That’s why physical characteristic talks more about characters like if heavy and muscular body means must be a bold and effective character. Such assumptions we usually make before character opens his mouth. So while framing characters its essential to add peculiar features to it so that they can control the overall image of their personality.

Also, physical characteristic silhouettes help in distinguishing characters from one another which gives a designer essential level of distinction between them and also with the environment. Such differences help in creating different memorable characters both physically and mentally. For e.g. weak, thin characters gives the impression as nimble and quite while heavy and muscular characters give audiences impact as that they can withstand any type of difficulties.

Pose also one of the interesting factors which help in designing character models. Even if they seem static but in reality, they give the overall impression in the mind of audiences by just looking at them. For e.g. any character playing with a revolver with rude facial expressions gives us the impression as a stubborn arrogant villain but if the character looks innocent and poor we assume it to be a weak character. This pose helps in distinguishing characters from their static looks and one can make a guess regarding their overall impression.

Apart from these, there are 3 main other components which play a huge part in framing or designing game characters which are voice, dialogues and action. Voice plays a major role in determining characters personality. For e.g., if you want to show stubborn character then its voice should be more loud and bold. Whenever it’s about making game models, always make sure that the voices match appearances and personality of the characters. Tone plays a most important role while deciding about characters personality. For e.g. -any bold voice game character is pure wastage if the proper tone is not used for conveying messages. Audiences only humanise with those characters which share characters feeling in the game’s story line. Also one never wants to relate to constant screaming characters or with over melodrama or even lack of impact dialogues delivery.

In the same way, dialogues play a crucial role while designing characters personality. Many of these dialogues are of different range like comic, heroic, serious in nature or villainous. According to characters, dialogues are assigned to them. For e.g. a comic character has to be full of humour but same can never be expected from the serious character. The heroic character will utter lionhearted, bold and kind and villainous character will utter sinister quotes. Its always advisable for the character to stay with single personality as this is a major factor for binding audiences mindset. Dual personality generally makes audiences more confused and unlikable to care for them.

Lastly, the action also plays an important role while framing characters personality. Action speaks louder than voice. Some characters like the tough guy will bang the door while closing the door instead of closing it normally, while whinny guy will jump awkwardly. Good character will always be kind-hearted but also good in actions while a funny guy will always crack some jokes.

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