How 3D Printing Helps In Minimizing Rapid Prototyping Cost

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

With the help of 3d printing rapid prototyping technology, there is no need for cutting or drilling materials.Through this technique decision process for the product, designing become quite easy and flexible. No need for the mechanical prototype is required before creating the actual product.That’s why all manufacturers and designers use this technology as it’s considered as a most cost-effective method.

Main advantage of having rapid prototype technology is that through this physical cost of making product eliminates, saving it overall making cost

It also helps in framing an idea about future prototype whether making a product would be a big failure or some changes required in the idea of making it.Also, products viability can be easily recognised from this type of techniques.

Before making the product takes place, research works about products overall look can be easily estimated also helps in understanding public opinions.

This technique not only saves money and cost but also helps in saving time. As it helps designers to detect flaws in early stages before physical making of the product designs

Also, there are certain points should be considered while deciding on 3d printing:

Physical Touch:
In 3d modeling, it’s impossible to feel the actual product. Analysing product from different angles is not possible through this technique. Even physical products always have fairer chances of getting approvals as compare to others. Because looking at the just 3d design and making conclusions about it makes it many a time incorrect. Whenever there is a prototype, it becomes easily accessible to analyse dimensions, ergonomics, evaluation from experts and customers.