Posted on : Sep 28, 2020

In today’s AEC industry, glass is considered as one of the most preferred building material used by modern architecture. Glass has always been an essential part of mankind. It’s all because of the latest technology; glass material helps to create extraordinary shapes and works as a sustainable product. Also, architects have now found out different optimal ways of using glass materials. One of the key features of glass material is all about its translucence and transparency quality which creates a roomy spatial, satisfying atmosphere. Glass is actively used in architecture for balconies, kitchen, as roofs, as facade as a transparent divider/sliding transparent component. Due to its stable building material and resistance power, glass is used by today’s generation for more precision effects. In earlier times, Glass was used only during decorating, tiling and glazing but nowadays it’s used for below mentioned ways:-

A) Used for sound proofing-In today’s time, noise pollution plays a major role in creating the most awful living experiences. Due to modern technology, double-layered glass works works as the best insulators and control overall sound levels. Noisy areas like railways, busy markets, expressways, and airports also need acoustic glass for controlling sound levels where it works as valuable insulating materials.

B) For security and safety purpose-In earlier times, glass was considered as the most fragile material especially for beautification and adding a smooth shiny feel. But in today’s time, designers and architects are using it for high-end security and safety purpose especially as laminated glass /toughened glass used for banks, hospitals, Offices, etc. Truly, Glass as a building material works as a versatile element in the architectural industry due to its features of aesthetic exquisiteness and safety purpose.

C) Increases energy efficiency-Green architecture has not remained as a buzz word in today’s time. Modern CAD architectural service providers make sure to optimise the usage of glass materials as Thermal insulators. For e.g. buildings can easily save valuable resources and turn into more energy-efficient when such thermal glass materials are used for trapping adequate heat inside the building enclosures. Also, solar control glass absorbs non-required heat intensity so as to keep interiors cooler and pleasant which ultimately saves the cost of air conditioners.

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