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Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Writer’s block
approaching up with story thoughts is forever hard. But present are conduct to build the procedure much easier and obtain over this “writer’s block” several public practice.

The difficulty is that when opposite an unfilled white page citizens often freak out and go vacant. That is since the reflection that you can do everything is chilling and will frequently push you into effective. This is why while I require to approach up through ideas I resembling to use the restraint technique.

The constraint technique
The constraint Method is accurately what it sounds like. citizens need limitations. They love them. The constraint technique in a nut shell is: “Draw a tree with only triangles” will hearten more action and creativity than “Draw a tree.” When you confine yourself in the creative procedure you can discover things you would never have establish otherwise.

How do I use this to discover an idea for my movie?
seeing as I will be liability this animated picture all by myself I know I had to have limits. So I decided to write them down.

  • The picture will contain only two main characters.
  • It will obtain place in 1 location
  • It requirements to be humorous.
  • It will be below a minute.
  • I by now have a stronger opening point then the majority people just by location up those system for myself, but I took it a rung further. Since I am not so superior with 3D modeling, I resolute to restrict myself still more.

The major characters: A ball and a cube
Yes, I have resolute that my two major characters would be a ball and a cube. No eyes, no legs or artillery. Not only would that build my 3D modeling and chains process a lot easier but it would also be an amazing challenge as an animator to bring life into such basic shape.
So I contain all the rules set up. It’s time to approach up with the genuine story.

The reflection process for building the story
I ongoing thoughts and breaking down the basics in order to construct the story.
What’s the major disparity among a ball and a cube? Well, solitary is round and the other is flat. wherever would those difference make a difference? The first obsession that came to brain was walking. If you don’t have any legs or arms it will be a lot easier to move around as a ball quite than a cube. So I previously have a argument between the characters: A chop who is leisurely trying to walk down a path and an egotistical ball zooming around, viewing off, while the cube is besieged.

That’s a large start. I have recognised a argument between the two characters and establish an interesting forceful. But then I had to discover the twist. Not a appalling twist but amazing that changes equipment around. I asked myself: In what case would a cube have the gain over a ball? The answer was obvious: A slope. In a downward slope the ball would roll rapidly but departing up the mount would be harder.

The story is working
I contain a cube and a ball on foot down a long road, and even as the cube is fraught to move forward, the ball is undulating around liberally and derisive the cube. while they make a hill, the cube climbs simply (since it has flat sides) but the ball cannot get sufficient force to follow.
Will the chop help the ball after its exhibit of conceit and selfishness? That’s for me to choose, but look at that: I have a story. I would never have thinking about that had I not controlled myself in the method.
You can watch the finished film here.