Creative Services Tips For Creating An Effective Logo Design

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Following the series of our articles on Logo Design as the part of our Creative Services in this article we present some of the Tips we had been following to create effective logo design on behalf of our esteemed clients since 2005. The subject of creating unique business identity is vast and extensive and can’t be covered fully in the series of articles or books. Each and every designer would have his/her own set of experiences to share hence we very strongly recommend budding designers and also professionals in this field to keep yourself updated with all the knowledge / experience sharing articles which could serve as reference points for your own work end of the day.

To start off with, what we have mentioned above in first paragraph is itself our first and most important tip, one should be ready to learn and get inspired from existing piece of work. It’s all about understanding insights in terms of analyzing where other brand identities has succeeded and why they have succeeded gives a good understanding of things that work well and things which you as a designer need to take care of. Let’s take the example of ‘Swoosh‘a very famous logo developed my Caroline Davidson in 1971 for a sporting apparel business name Nike. The logo not only represents strength and speed but also being a simple and effective without colors it is scalable and easily memorable. It also has a related symbolism by representing the wing in the famous statue of Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. Swoosh is just one of the many effective logos but think of all the successful logo design and try to understand what makes these logos effective and successful.

Some of the most common ideas that pop out while visualising the logo design includes the existing icons and clip arts for example light bulbs of ideas, a glob to represent international or global business, flower icon to represent aroma are just some of the things that pops up in mind, we strongly suggest don’t use them not only because they are common or someone else’s work but also because end of the design work they won’t be adding anything unique or distinct in your business identity, it’s always better to stay clear of these visual clichés and focus on your own original piece of work.

We recommend designers to put themselves in firstly the client’s shoes and understand what message, ideas, values and ideologies client wish to communicate via logo as it may differ from your understanding about client’s business and ideologies and then to put themselves in the audiences shoes to understand customer insights before even initiating the logo design work on drawing board. Through research ensures right communication to the right audience via. right medium of communication in this case communication of message is via. logo.