Creative Services Logo Design – Process Of Creating Business Identity

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In our more than a decade of experience and expertise of working on numerous logo design assignments as the part of our creative services we under this article present the overall workflow or the process of creating the most effective corporate identity for your or your client’s business. We are able to successfully execute number of logo designs assignments by simply following these steps as our guiding path. First step in getting a business identity created is to get and understand the Design Brief; you can prepare a questionnaire or interview with your client to systematically describe his/her idea of corporate identity along with values and ideologies this corporate identity will be communicating to the world, Design brief should set the stage for you to kick start your creative thinking.

Second in line with design brief for logo design creation is the research; research involves understanding the brief vis-à-vis the industry client is serving along with understanding the competitive landscape in terms of competitive logos and identities. The third step we follow under our creative services in logo design is to get some good references from the industry itself, many a times this steps overlaps with step two as it involves research in into designs of the successful logos in the industry also it involves research and understanding of current trends and styles.Fourth step we consider the most important one is sketching and conceptualising; as per the design brief and the research and references gathered it’s now time to actually go to the drawing board and put your conceptual thinking and the visualisations on the paper. As this is the first time a designer will be sketching their ideas on the paper we consider this step as the most critical one. Also it’s not important to get the master piece out the first time which actually never happens but in over here its sets the stage for further improvements and modifications to happen. The fifth step we under our creative services consider as part of forth itself is reflection; where-in we strongly suggest designers to take a break re-think and re-work on the sketch. This is the time to take a relook at your work, gather feedback and re-work around the concept, brief and research to generate series of stunning logo designs.

Finally it’s time to present your work in final stage of logo design process, though many a times the final step itself is repeated number of times as client may ask designers to get some modifications done. We recommend choose some of the best designs (4-5) from your work to present to the client and gather his/her feedback on the same, it will set stage for your find work & finally complete the logo design task you have undertaken in line with client’s requirements.