Creative Ideas For Infographic Design

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Ideally, an infographic should be visually engaging and contain a subject matter and data that is appealing to your target audienceor you can say its popular form of content marketing making subject matter from complicated to easy ones.

GO FOR CREATVE SMILE: – Instead of trying boring statistics, go for colour code the smileys in your infographic design by trying to be creative and colourful.

CONCENTRATE ON EDUCATION:-for any educational topic, divide your graphic into do’s and don’ts.For e.g.Interview techniques. Then on left you can write do’s of interview techniques and on right you can right don’ts of the interview techniques

MAKE A TIMELINE: – Info graphic shows timelines about what has happened in the history for e.g.Companies growth rate or Product development from past to present etc.Even you can create more traffic to your infographic design by adding Venn diagram with colour.

MAKE IT NEATLY DESIGNED FLYER: – Those infographic who have more resemblance to movie ticket or flyer they perform in better way

USE DIAGRAM: -Pictures and diagrams help highlighting the details of something. This can be useful in educational circles as well as business training materials and other context

GIVE MORE EXAGGERATION TO NUMBERS:-Info graphic artist gives more importance to the numeric and texts.Even some info graphic design focuses on sizes

PART AS WHOLE: – Info graphic idea is to take apart the pieces of something to illustrate how they work with the whole.E.gIn smartphone’s advertisement so that people can view intricate details for buying it.

FOCUS ON MESSAGE :-Try to find those information and message that customers feels attracted towards it also valuable .Also create your infographic with alternative colours so that it stand out as compare to others .

USE BLOCKS OF COLOUR WITH SMALL IMAGES INSIDE:-Try to create blocks with each piece of information into it and colour such blocks with interesting colours so that viewers get attracted to it.

PROGRESSIVE INFO GRAPHIC:-Some infographic have progression of time according to certain event

CREATE GRAPH ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO DISPLAY:– Try to create graph about what you want to display .E.g National geographic channel have used recent infographic with plant shape bar graph having vegetables growing up on it as a design.