Content and Presentation of an Architecture Portfolio

Posted on : May 25, 2020

We at outsource architecture services under our banner outsource creative services, in our final article under series of architecture portfolio articles would like to share what one should be including in his / her architecture portfolio and the ways he / she could present the same to either the recruiting team or potential client.

While making an architecture portfolio one should always remember that the viewer like a recruiting manager or a potential client understands that each applicant’s exposure to the live project will be different so for the fresh architecture graduates a portfolio would most likely be combination of academic work plus some extra project experience he / she might have grained while working externally. This trend and portfolio mix changes to the mix of theoretical work and the live projects to more completed projects as one moves up the hierarchy of work experience and exposure to working on live and innovative architectural projects.

Whatever level of hierarchy one is on currently, as per our experience there are some typical type of projects to be presented in a portfolio to demonstrate set of capabilities, understanding or the way of working and the skills. Most common type was being hand sketching and drawing both in form of digital and freehand, followed by creative problem solving, model making, and visual or graphical communication, CAD skills and 3D modeling over and above others.

Once you are ready with the portfolio it’s important to take into consideration how you wish to present it. One of the ways of presenting portfolio is to have it web hosted either on your own website of some common hosting website; many a times we have observed such approach is not been taken in a positive manner as there’s a factor of non-reliability on in this presentation approach. One of the most common ways of presenting a portfolio is through PDF files. This approach provides user with higher level of control in terms of reliability and presentation.