Posted on : Dec 14, 2020

In the field of the AEC industry, BIM Technology plays an important role in airport construction and designing role. In these times, due to increasing sizes of airports and their complex operation with related complex designs are constantly evolving as per traveler’s expectation, etc so this led to various multiple issues which need to be cleared out before actual construction process begins. Airports are considered as comprehensive construction projects which are becoming complex and complicated with the passage of time like budgeting constraints, construct ability flaws, onsite safety, etc. But with the help of the latest BIM technology, it helps in reducing the project life cycle, increases coordination, communication and minimises any additional cost, etc. Also, this latest technology helps in enhancing the visualisation process so as to grab potential issues and errors before the pre-construction phase. Below mentioned are some of the major issues faced in airport construction:-

A) Ineffective coordination with project team-If there is a lack of communication between the project team then it leads to loss of time, efforts, and cost. This also creates inappropriate resource allocation at different construction stages which ultimately makes delays in the overall project cycle.

B) High operational and construction cost-Generally, airports consist of large and complex spaces require maintaining and operational facilities (24×7) and renovation cost as well. Also keeping airport services uninterrupted during renovation or expansion is also one of the major challenges.

C) Errors lead to rework and duplication-Any errors/ flaws in the designing and planning phase may lead to duplication and rework. This ultimately results in heavy losses in major resources and finances.

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