CAD Conversion Services Offered At C-Design

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

In the corporate world, because of stiff deadlines and stricter budgets, it becomes essential for companies to rethink about mechanical and architectural drawings. With the emergence of cad drawings, many companies are getting the upper edge as compared to those firms who are still following conventional method of paper-based drawings. Paper drawings is considered as not only burdensome to produce but also requires investment in hiring skilled craftsman power. Even the project many times becomes unorganised if any paper documents get damaged.

After commencement of cad software, all paper drawings get converted into digital format where all document works can be easily modified and accessed. Just because of maintaining and storing issues, architectural drawings can be easily stored in form of Auto Cad files. Cad software is considered as the biggest boom as a computerised designing technique which provides accurate measurements of the designed products and even its process can be effectively documented. And thus helps in facilitating the overall manufacturing process by transferring all wide-ranging diagrams into complete manufacturing and designing system.

At C-Design we help you to convert all scan based drawings, paperwork and PDF into highly accurate and editable cad drawings. After referring to raster-based drawings or original hard copies, any re-drafting of architectural drawing work can be easily possible through cad software. We work on cad conversion projects of all sizes and across all geographies which give us hands-on experience for converting drawings related to electrical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering and architecture, fabrication and mechanical engineering.

We provide a wide range of cad software like as mentioned below:-

1) Auto cad

2) Revit

3) Microstation

4) Sketchup

5) Autodesk

6) Maya

7) Autodesk 3DS Max

We undertake conversion in these areas like floor plans, Roof plans, Site plans, exterior plans, in different CAD Conversion output formats with higher accuracy level in outputs and quality:-

.3d DWF

Generally, cad conversion services are divided into 2 mainstreams like :-

Cad digitisation services which include a digitalis version of scans, microfilmed drawings, construction plans.

Cad vectorization services include raster-based or scanned engineering drawings can be easily converted into a vector or accurate cad formats. Even certain requirements like standardised forms of layouts, color coding, dimensions styles, text styles etc can be easily acquired with a higher accuracy level.

Other services we offers are

Paper to cad- Vellum, tracing, blueprint based drawings can be converted into accurate cad drawings by manual redrafting.
Image to cad-By redrafting all sketches in your drawings formats into accurate 2d or 3d cad formats
Microstation to Auto cad-Redraw drawings from MicroStation to Auto cad formats
PDF to Autocad formats-Redrafting all PDF drawings into Autocad conversion with precise dimensions containing cad elements like arcs, text, circles, lines etc.