Building Information Modeling – BIM adoption in North America

Posted on : Oct 04, 2019

In our more than a decade of experience in providing best in class outsourced architectural services and outsourced CAD services to the leading Builders, Developers and Architects across the globe, we are able to gauge one of the key insights that whenever there’s a productive technology development in any of the sector for any of the industry the respective government and government bodies take it up under development policies which ultimately boosts the technology growth and adoption in the respective industry exponentially. Similar is the story of Building Information Modeling or BIM getting adapted in the leading first world markets of North America.

While working with our esteemed clientele of Builders, Developers and Architects for outsourced architectural services and outsourced CAD services in North American markets like Canada and United States of America (USA) we are able to gauge the formal adoption of BIM in these markets started way back in 2008. With the vision “to develop a robust community of industry leading practitioners from the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Owner, Operator and Educational sectors who are proactively engaged in the effective deployment of digital technologies and processes” Canada’s leading industry body CANBIM came in existence in the year 2008. CANBIN is determined to advocate its vision by using various committees and platforms to develop Best Practices, Scope of Work, Guidelines and Standardization.

As per our esteemed clients for outsource architectural services and outsource CAD services in United States of America (USA), the conceptualise of BIM is very different – unlike Canada, UK and other first world countries. In USA BIM is been conceptualise under Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) with an objective of bringing all the teams and team members together on to a common platform / page before commencing a project. It’s the market where industry players like developers, builders, architects and contractors have explored and adapted BIM but the nomenclature itself is been discussed and questioned against alternatives like Virtual Building Environment (VBE) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).