Posted on : Jun 11, 2021

During pandemic times, all industries have a hard hit because of least contact with consumers created lesser footfalls especially for industries like hospitality, entertainment, travel etc. The unprecedented spread of COVID 19 has created alarming increases in the pandemic cases which directly leads to slower business activity and reduces overall organizational growth. Below mentioned are some of the solution-based approach for this crisis:-

  1. A) Safety is the key-In any organization, workers safety comes first and even companies have started realizing their importance in the global market. Due to this pandemic situation, there arises a situation of community transmission and thus construction workers need to protect themselves by covering themselves while sneezing, frequent hand washes and using PPE (Personnel protective equipment)etc. Companies have started using the outsourcing model to continue their operational activities under expert supervision so as to saves themselves from the fallout of this outbreak.
  2. B) Supply Chain obstacles-With the help of an effective supply chain, inventory cost and remaining overhead cost will help in minimizing complex processes and helps in streamlining deliveries. At C-DESIGN, we provide robust supply chain which provides informed decision, minimizes out of stock issues and enhances efficiency.
  3. C) Helps in meeting deadlines-For any industry, time and money are always considered as key elements for completing projects within the time frame. In this pandemic situation, digital technologies work as the main savior in these times. In construction companies, BIM technology allows all stakeholders to edit and access BIM models from any location and on any system.
  4. D) AEC industry still continues in Corona Threat-In a global market, construction and infrastructure projects works as the main parameter for the economic growth of the country. Because of advanced technologies in the construction industry, processes like engineering design and project planning needs to be planned and focused on creating economic growth of an organization.