Posted on : Jan 18, 2021

In the field of AEC industry, BIM technology plays essential role due to its numerous benefits like reducing clashes, helps MEP’S firms for higher accuracy, enhances organizational building designs, and improve sharing data and overall project team right from design to construction. BIM plays essential role in MEP firms for improving customers end results, minimises risk and enhances construability and building designs. This latest technology helps MEP professionals for more comprehensive documents, design and detailing of building structure and overall system more effectively and efficiency. This reduces rework, risk, enhances construct ability and overall outcomes. At C-DESIGN, we offer different BIM services for MEP engineering:-

  1. A) MEP BIM modeling
  2. B) MEP shop drawings/Fabrication
  3. C) Construction Drawings
  4. D) Conversion of 2D MEP drawings in AutoCAD/Revit
  5. E) BOM (Bills of Materials), schedules, detailed section views
  6. F) Collision detection
  7. G) Library creation for MEP components/HVAC
  8. H) Coordination among different MEP trades

Because of BIM technology, MEP engineers get crucial design data directly from architectural models. Thus MEP engineers find such types of essential information essential to detect collision between the designs for e.g.:-Reconfigure in the midst of the building project.BIM software consists of huge data for cross referencing, referencing throughout the design process. Any minute change in the design will lead to discord with other design elements. And BIM technology can easily detect any complication issues, which saves overall time and cost factor to a greater extent.