Posted on : Jan 25, 2021

The field of hospitality is thriving with upcoming and innovative building design and development along with renovation projects for the hotels and resorts. In order to succeed and beat the competition in the hotel and resort industry, hotel owners and architects need to adopt and implement BIM technology. At C-DESIGN we offer extensive BIM solutions for construction planning and scheduling, facility management, HVAC design, speedy up construction process, managing workflow process, etc for hotels and resorts. Also, we offer specialised solutions in Point cloud to BIM conversion for contractors, hotel owners, architects, etc for refurbished, renovation, and repair projects for hotels and resorts.

With the help of CAD Experts, BIM qualified and other BIM services related professionals, we offer seamless and sustainable building design for making effective and efficient hotel architectural buildings. We work together with hotel owners, contractors, and resort builders, architects so as to develop innovative design structures along with meeting guest comfort needs, maintenance issues, and their Luxury requirements. Also for hotels and resorts in remote construction sites, we work with contractors and surveyors through BIM implementation right from design conceptualisation to the construction process. Below mentioned are some of the CAD and BIM services offered by us for the resorts and hotel industry:-

  1. A) BIM models with a higher level of details
  2. B) Revit families’ creation for MEP components, architectural products, HVAC components, furniture, structural components etc
  3. C) Photorealistic rendering of as-build models with texturing, architectural detailing, lighting, and shadow effects using 3D Max, Photoshop and V-Ray, etc
  4. D) 3D animation and 3D visualization for interactive presentation and walkthrough
  5. E) Creation of 3D models and 2D and 3D floor plan using the latest technology like AutoCAD and Revit

BIM is considered a boon for the AEC industry because it creates more automated, comprehensive, and flourishing ways of working for Industrial Growth. BIM is a smart 3D insightful tool that helps professionals in different stages like plan, design and manages infrastructure in the AEC industry. BIM software proves to be valuable not only to designing engineers but also for consultants, construction builders, cost management and project management fields.