Animated Promotional Videos And It’s Importance

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Now a day there is trend for animated promotional videos and its benefits which can be seen so easily through internet. It’s the latest buzzword for all types of businesses whether small or big. Today companies are hiring in house marketing team to develop, manage and lead animated promotional videos.

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Step 1.Planning: Decide your vision

In order to have successful animatedvideo, it’s very essential to know its purpose and that’s why planning plays important role in it. Knowing the target audiences is essential element of it along with understanding their views, choices, interest levels, medium through which it can be carried out (youtube or tv ads or face boo videos).Also for a successful promotion there are certain parameters to keep in mind Eg :CORE PURPOSE,TARGET AUDIENCES,MEDIUM THROUGH WHICH AUDIENCES CAN BE REACHED AND CALL TO ACTION.Also tone, production quality or video quality, type of speech –whether professional or unprofessional and type of interview style ,Budget , storyboard, script plays a major role in it.

Step 2. Pre-Production:

In this phase technical concept about deciding story board,tools and methods to use them comes into picture. Investing in higher promotional quality influences positively to your audiences’ .However using poor quality of video can give your competitor a winning edge over you. Equally quality of intent and services mattera lot in video production along with it, type of genre and sytle also impacts production quality . A more refined production will make the best of all the tools; high class camera work, professional lighting, commentary, professional recorded audio, music and firm editing.

Essentials for Successful Video Production.

The Director: He is the one who understand emotions as emotions plays a major role and it should be conveyed properly to the end viewer and should portray exact story to be conveyed.
The Producer: He is the one who start the ball rolling ,get video shot carry away properly like deciding set, story board ,distribution strategy for when and how video is to released .
Lighting and Camera Operation
Investing in a top quality video will impress your clients, just as a low quality video will spoil your reputation.

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Audio Technician. Sound is more vital than the moving image.
Post-Production Technician. Video production in the end is a technical job. Production requires the right mechanism used in the right manner to get to the goal result.

Step 3. Production:

Pre-Production:- Preparing for the technical aspects to filming the animated video. Planning out everything needed in advance like meeting all the key people and contacts, checking out set or b-roll shots, spotting sun/shade areas, lighting concerns, human foot traffic, background noise/sound concerns, weather factors,writing and finalization of script or editing it if required are major areas to be focused upon.

Production. This is consideredas main day for filming the animated video.

Post-Production. Editing and fine-tuning the visuals and sound.

Step 4. Post-Production:

This is consider as after production phase as it covers all editing work related to graphics,text ,sound and visuals. Like totaling tittles or graphics, color correction, reviewing editing work with client, proper video upload, adding proper sound and lighting effects or adding footage and editing it into draft

Step 5. Distribution and Marketing: In this phase exporting then uploading and sharing comes into picture.Viral video marketing is most effective way to electrify your target audiences and that’s why it is consider as important and its distribution can be done through social sites lie Twitter, Facebook and email campaigns.